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Dealer Registration – Status Form
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Warranty Labor Allowance Chart
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Warranty Program
Warranty Registration Form

Service Bulletins

Running Changes Timeline


ecService Bulletin SB1404 – Caliber

933268 IDLER REINFORCEMENT KIT 542121 Instruction Sheet

Rage Stand On

2014 – SB1401 – Rage Battery Hold Down Kit

2014 – SB1402 – Rage Brakeshaft Update SN 60706-60847

2014 – SB1403 – Rage Gen I Updates SN 60706-60847


1994 – SB9401-17-Walk-Behind Hydro Speed Control Link
1995 – SB9508-16-Walk-Behind Belt-Drive Adjustments
1995 – SB9523-20-Walk-Behind Hydro Thumblatch
1996 – SB9608-06-Walk-Behind GC Backplate
1997 – SB9701-32-Walk-Behind Hydro Parts Update
1997 – SB9703-Walk-Behind Hydro Oil Tank
1999 – SB9908-Walk-Behind Brace-Plate
1999 – SB9910-Walk-Behind Blade Spacers
2002 – SB0204-Walk-Behind Front Casters
2003 – SB0306-Walk Behind Fuel Tank
2004 – SB0405 – New WB Hydro Pumps
2006 – SB0106 Blade Spindle Housing NA


2007 – SB0507-Fuzion modified pallet


1996 – SB9608-28-Z-Rider Parts Update
1997 – SB9702-Z-Rider Brake Claw
1997 – SB9704-Zrider Deck Tensioner Idler
1998 – SB9809-Z-RiderThrottle Setting
2001 – SB0101-Z-Rider Grass Catcher
2002 – SB0202-Z34 Deck Lift Rod
2002 – SB0208-Safety Alert Z34
2003 – SB0302-Low Profile Z-Rider Weight Kit
2004 – SB0403-Z60 Lift Mount Recall
2006 – SB0602 Blade Spindle NA


2005 – SB0501-X52 Parker Pumps
2005 – SB0502-X52 Hydro Lines
2005 – SB0503-X52 Deck Lift Rod Assy
2005 – SB0504-X52 Adjustable Chain Mounts
2005 – SB0505-X52 Deck Tensioner
2005 – SB0506-X52 Spring Tension Adjustment
2005 – SB0507-X52 Anti-Shimmy Cmpnts
2005 – SB0508-Parker Pump Trunion Arm
2006 – SB0306 X-Treme Hose NA
2007 – SB0107 anti-scalp Xtreme
2007 – SN0307-service notice x-treme deck riser
2008 – SB0808-LH
2008 – SB0808-RH
2011 – SB1104 
2011 – SB1104 X-TREME 48 Hydro Components Addendum
2011 – SB1104 X-TREME 52 Hydro Components Addendum
2011 – SB1104 X-TREME 60 Hydro Components Addendum


2000 – SB0001-Daihatsu Parts
2002 – SB0201-Prowler Mulch Kits
2002 – SB0205-Prowler Tensioner Spring
2002 – SB0209-Prowler Fuel Decal
2002 – SB0210-Prowler Gearbox Truss
2002 – SB0212-Prowler Lift Spring Bushing
2002 – SB0213-Prowler Control Arms
2002 – SN0201-Shortening PTO Shaft
2003 – SB0301-Prowler Brake Rod Assy
2003 – SB0305-Prowler Deck Tensioner Kit
2003 – SN0302-Prowler MC Weight Bracket Kit
2004 – SB0404-72 Prowler MC Idler Rplcmt
2007 – SB0207-Prolwer 27L cogged Pump Belt 

Parts Updates

1995 – SB9504-1-Power Comb
1995 – SB9507-26-Kawasaki Engine Anti-Freeze
1995 – SB9508-14-Kawasaki Engine Anti-Freeze
1995 – SB9508-16A-Bearing 363146
1996 – SB9608-29-Blades Available
1997 – SB9701-Power Comb
1998 – SB9807-New Blade Spindles
1999 – SB9902-Part Number Corrections
1999 – SB9909-Parts Updates
2000 – SB0002-Serial Number Plates
2003 – SB0303-Parts Manual Updates
2003 – SB0307-Hydro Oil Filter-Clutch Cable Assy
2003 – SN0301-Master Parts Pricelist Update
2004 – SB0401-Replacement Starter Relay

Hydro-Gear Pumps

SB0203-BDP-10A Pump Svc Parts
SB0206-Dump Valve Torque BDP-10A

Warranty Updates

1995 – SB9537-21-Warranty Claims
1996 – SB9609-06-Warranty Policy
1998 – SB9801-Blade Spindle Warranty
2003 – SB0304-Warranty Program Changes

Parker-Gear Pumps

Parker Parts

Equipment Specs

Benefits and Features of Encore Equipment
Crate Dimensions and Ship Weights (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Fuzion (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Mountain Lion (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-Mountain Lion (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Premier (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-Premier (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Prowler FC (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-Prowler FC (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Prowler MC (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-Prowler MC (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-XTreme (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-XTreme (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Z-Series (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-Z-Series (2006-2007)
Equipment Specs-Z34 (2005-2006)
Equipment Specs-Z34 (2006-2007)
Lawnmower Weights-Dimensions
Mowing Acres Per Day
Mowing Times and Productivity

Dealer Tips

Service Information

Driveline Components
Engine Spec Numbers
Fast Movers List
Hydros and Transmissions
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Torque Specifications


26 Classic Swivel Caster Kit
Cold Start Kit
Pump Belt Routing
Spindle Brg Installation Instructions
Walk-Behind Blade Belt Adj
Walk-Behind Ground Speed
Walk-Behind Height of Cut Adjustment
WB Belt-Drive Set-Up
WB Belt-Drive Snap-Ring Repair
WB Electric Start Parts
WB Hydro Adjustments
WB Hydro IPL Addendum
WB Hydro Set-Up


Z34 Manual Changes (2009)
Z34 Belt Routes
Z34 Brake Adjustment
Z34 Handle Instructions
Z34 Jackshaft Assy
Z34 Tracking Adjustment Kit
Z34 Tracking Adjustments


Control Handle Identification
Pump Belt Routing
Rocker Stop Kit
Z-Rider Brake Adj
Z-Rider Dampener Kit
Z-Rider Hydro Adjustments – Old Style Z
Z-Rider Pump-Belt Components
Z-Rider Set-Up


532074 X-Treme Anti-Scalp
533144 LH-Pump Update
533144 RH-Pump Update
Service Notice – X-Treme Deck Riser SN0307
X-Treme Hydro Line Routing
X-Treme Hose and Fitting Update
X-Treme Hydro Pump Adjustments

Prowler Frontcuts

Anti-Scalp Roller Mnt Brckts
Cut Gage Kit
FC Dampener Kit
FC Deck Inst Instructions
FC Deck Tilt-Up Procedure
FC Prowler Brake Adj
Prowler 52-61 Gearbox Truss
Prowler Deck Level Adjustments
Pump Belt Routing

Prowler Midcuts

52 Prowler Midcut Hydros
61 Prowler Hydro Lines
61 Prowler Midcut Hydros
Anti-Scalp Roller Mnt Brckts
Control Handle Identification
Cut Gage Kit
New 2009 Prowler Hoses
Old Style Prowler Original Tracking Adj
Old Style Prowler Tracking Adj
Prowler 52-61 Gearbox Truss
Prowler 61 & 72 Foot Lift Parts
Prowler Clutch Tensioner
Prowler Deck Level Adjustments
Prowler MC 10A Pump Conversion from 10L
Prowler Midcut Brake Adj
Prowler Midcut Drive Adjustments
Prowler Midcut Pump Belt Routing
Prowler Midcut ZP Hydro Lines
Prowler Tracking Adj
Pump Belt Routing

Hydro-Gear Pumps

343120 RH IZT
343121 LH IZT
BDP 10A 21L Hydro Pump
BDP 10L Hydro Pump
Flow Meter Test Instructions
Troubleshooting Hydro Pumps
ZC & ZD Service Schematic
ZT-2200 Service Schematic

Parker Wheel Motors

Parker Wheel Motor Service Manual
Transaxles – FCBLN 52441 ZT 2800 P5
Transaxles - Fuzion BLN 52622 P4

Briggs and Stratton Engines

Engine Owners Manuals

5hp Recoil
8hp Recoil
12hp Electric
12hp Recoil
16hp Electric
16hp Recoil
18hp Electric (H)
18hp Electric (V) ELS
18hp Electric (V)
18hp Recoil
20_25hp Electric (V) ELS
20hp Electric
27hp Daihatsu Diesel
31hp Daihatsu Gas

Engine Parts Manuals

12hp Recoil
16hp Vanguardc
18hp ELS
18hp Vanguardc
20hp ELS
20hp Vanguard PLc
25hp ELS
27hp Daihatsu Diesel
31hp Daihatsu Gas

Kawasaki Engines

KAW Service Parts

Engine Owners Manuals


Engine Service Manuals


KAW Correction Info

ENG 08-06 FDM

Model Number Information

All Time Model Numbers
Hydro Oil Type Per Model
Model Number Chart

Warner Electric

Electric Clutch Troubleshooting

Parker Pumps

Parker Pump Parts List

Quick Reference Manual

Encore Quick Reference Manual

Electrical Manuals

Encore Electrical Manual
Fuzion Electrical Checklist (Diagram)
Prowler A-C Electrical Checklist (Diagram)
Z-X Series Electrical Series (Diagram)
Z34 Electrical Checklist (Diagram)